Power production down in Pokhara


    Electricity production in the three hydro projects of Pokhara has decreased after a flood in the Seti River damaged the dam.

    Electricity production in Seti-Phewa Hydro Project, which was established some 35 years ago, has decreased after the dam collapsed due to flood in the river on August 8.

    Supervisor Tanka Poudel said the project has a capacity of 1,500 kilowatt. “But the project only generates 600 KW at present,” he informed. He said that two turbines have been producing 600 KW.

    The project was established with the assistance of the Chinese government in 1981.

    Many irrigation projects in the area were operated from the water taken out of the power house of the project through different canals. As many as 50,000 households had benefited from the irrigation facility.

    Electricity production has also decreased in Trax Hydro Power, which was operated on the Pokhara-based Bijayapur Khola.

    Similarly, the Pokhara-based Bhagawati Hydro Power could not produce electricity as it was brought in to operation after collecting the water from the Seti Canal and Bijayapur Khola.

    Bhagawati Hydro Power has a capacity to produce 4,800 KW.

    Meanwhile, Chief Matrika Prasad Timilsaina of Seti Phewa said that the Seti River has been eroding the dam. He said that around Rs 40 crore was needed to repair the damaged dam.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.