National Hydropower 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th AGM on Mangsir 26; to endorse merger/ acquisition process with other hydropower companies


    National Hydropower Company Limited (NHPC) will be convening its 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Mangsir 26, 2073. The AGM is going to be held at Naxal Banquet, Narayanchaur, Kathmandu at 11: 00 AM.

    Main agendas of the AGM are:

    • Authorize BOD to endorse merger/ acquisition with other hydropower companies.
    • To discuss financials of fiscal year 2068/69.
    • To endorse expenses done under gift, donations, hospitality, expenses VDC, supporting not available and Differed Revenue Expenditure.

    Other main agendas of the AGM include financial highlights of 2068/69, 2069/70, 2070/71 and 2071/ 72 and to appoint auditor to audit financial report of fiscal year 2071/72.

    The register of their shareholders will remain close from Mangsir 9, 2073 till Mangsir 26, 2073 for the purpose of its AGM.

    Source: Sharesansar