Chilime MD’s authority curtailed



    Chilime_phAmid controversy over the recall of Chilime Hydropower Company Managing Director (MD) Kulman Ghising, the company’s board meeting on Tuesday curtailed the authority of its head.

    The meeting, chaired by officiating MD of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Ram Chandra Pandey, appointed new board members to Chilime’s three subsidiary companies, ending the MD’s representation on their boards.

    So far, the Chilime MD had been chairing the boards of the subsidiaries.

    NEA officials Sher Singh Bhat, Hitendra Dev Shakya and Lila Nath Bhattarai were appointed on the boards of Sanjen, Madhya Bhotekoshi and Rasuwagadhi hydropower projects.

    Sources said the move to curtail the authority of the company’s head was aimed at discouraging Ghising from continuing on the top post even if he had to be reinstated amid public pressure.

    Amid Rasuwa and a section of NEA employees holding protests demanding Ghising’s reinstatement, Energy Minister Radha Gyawali, who is also NEA’s chairperson, has publicly accused Ghising of inciting the protests.

    Top officials of NEA and Chilime admit the move to curtail the MD’s authority could hinder smooth functioning of the subsidiary companies.

    A Chilime board member, seeking anonymity, said the decision “targeting a single person” could hit the projects’ efficiency. “The move seems to be guided by the motive of providing opportunities to NEA staffers to hold plump posts,” the source said. The move also suggests NEA’s unwillingness to reinstate Ghising as Chilime board member.

    Ghising has been credited with leading the development of Chilime’s subsidiary projects, including 11MW Rasuwagadi, 103MW Bhotekohsi III, 42MW Sanjen and 14MW Upper Sanjen.

    Source : eKantipur