CIAA directs appointing CEO at NEA


    KATHMANDU, July 24:

    CIAAThe Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has directed the government to forward the process for appointing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) saying the NEA was run by Officiating CEO for long.

    The NEA has been running its services under the Officiating CEO, Ram Chandra Pandey, an NEA official, currently 

    The CIAA wrote to Chief Secretary Lilamani Poudyal and stated that it was wrong to run the daily service provider body like NEA under the leadership of the Officiating CEO, CIAA stated issuing a press release, on Thursday.

    The CIAA has drawn the government attention through the letter that the NEA could not achieve the objective as expected by making it leadership less for long at a time when it was inevitable for promoting the water resource sector for the national economy and prosperity.

    The NEO has its top post vacant as the then CEO of the NEA, Rameshwor Yadav, was pulled to investigation under the corruption charge in connection to transformer purchase scandal. The Government had sent Arjun Kumar Karki, the then Joint-Secretary at the Ministry of Energy, to look after the responsibilities of Yadav but it was went vacant as the current government has transferred Karki as a Western Development Regional Administrator.

    The CIAA in the press statement stated that it has written the government urging to appoint CEO at the NEA, soon, as per the CIAA Act-2048 clause no. 28. 

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