Rahughat Hydropower Project Advances with New Pressure Shaft Installation


Myagdi (Beni), May 24: The ‘Pressure Shaft’ of the 40 MW Rahughat hydropower project under construction in Raghuganga Rural Municipality of Myagdi has been connected.

According to the project, a 1,049-metre-long pressure shaft tunnel of the hydropower project has been connected.

Project Manager Raj Bahadur Bista said that the outlet (end point) of the main tunnel located in Raghuganga Rural Municipality-3, Piple has been connected to the under-construction power plant in Tilkenichaur.

The project has taken the connection of this tunnel as its main achievement.

Earlier, the adit 2 and 3 tunnels, 329-metres-bottom and 196-metres-long vertical pressure shaft tunnels have been connected.

Bista said that a pressure shaft has been built to keep the pipeline that will take the water coming from the main tunnel to the power plant.

According to the project, after the tunnel is connected, the work of connecting the pipeline to the pressure shaft will proceed.

The construction of a 61-metre-deep search shaft has been completed in Piple.

Project manager Bista said that only 125 metres of the 6,270-metre-long tunnel connecting adit 1 and 2 has yet to be dug.

The 3,836-metre-long tunnel connecting the second and third adits was connected on February 22, 2023.

The overall physical progress on the civil side of the project is 57 per cent.

A contract agreement was signed with Jaiprakash Associates (JP), the civil contractor of the project under the joint investment of the Indian Exim Bank with a concessional loan of USD 67 million and the Authority and the government of Nepal on November 2017.


Source: Rising Nepal