“If NEA Cannot Construct Transmission Tower On Naked Mountain, Where Can NEA Construct Transmission?” Kul Man Ghising


Jan. 23, 2019

After a direction from Division Forest Office Rasuwa, the work of Chilime-Trishuli 220 kV Transmission line worked completely stalled. The division office directed concerned contractor to start work only after receiving permission from them.

However, the project has started to construct tower in naked hill where there is no trees and bushes.

“They are not allowed us to construct poll of transmission line in naked mountain,” said Kul Man Ghising, managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority. If this transmission line work does not complete in schedule, 170 MW electricity generated by hydropower projects will have to be wasted.”

If we are not allowed to construct poll in naked mountain, how can you construct transmission line? Asked MD Ghising. NEA is planning to complete 27 KM long transmission line by end of this fiscal year. There are three projects now on the process of completion like 110 MW Rasuwagadi, 42.5 MW Sanjen and 14.8 MW Upper Sanjen. All these projects are financed by Chilme Hydropower Company.

There is a provision to have permission from Ministry of Forest to use forest land and cutting tree. However, the project manager Kedar Silwal said that they have started to construct basement for transmission tower where there are naked mountain.

“After District Forest Office warned to detain us, we stopped the work,” said Silwal.

Situated in very difficult place with highly fragile soil, it is highly difficult to construct tower. “As the process of transferring the forest land at cabinet for approval, the project started the work to meet the project deadline. If we are unable to work in current winter, it will affect the whole project. At least, 8 towers can be constructed in the areas,” said Silwal. NEA needs 41 hector of land with 4000 trees to clear to complete the project cost of 3.50 billion rupees.

Financed by Nepal Government, German Development Bank (KFW) and European Investment Bank, 42 kilometer 220 kV transmission line is life line of the hydropower projects of this area.

According to Silwal, the tower construction in the private land is smoothly going after payment of due compensation.



Source: The Spotlight Nepal