1500 MW to be added in three years


    The Energy Ministry has prepared the 14th Three-Year Sectoral Plan for Energy to increase access of people to electricity generation. It has submitted the plan for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity for the fiscal year 2073/74 to 2075/76 to the National Planning Commission (NPC).

    The NPC has already started discussions to include the programs related to the energy sector in the 14th Plan which has projected that the country will become self-dependent in electricity and be in a position to export within the next 14 years. All the energy related goals of the 13th Plan, that ends this July, have not been achieved. These programs will be continued even in the 14th Plan.

    The ministry has prepared a plan to generate 1500 MW and start construction of projects with installed capacity of another 2000 MW within the next three years. Similarly, 4,000 kilometers of transmission lines with varying capacity will be constructed to transmit the generated electricity.

    Similarly, electricity leakage will be reduced from 24 percent to 21, and the proportion of people using electricity will be raised by 12 percentage points to 70 percent. It also mentions that electricity will be expanded to 105 more VDCs. electricity will be provided to 750,000 households from the national grid during the plan period and per capital electricity consumption will be raised to 160 units from current 132.

    Under Secretary at the ministry Gokarna Pantha said the 14th Plan has been developed as a plan for development of energy as per the Concept Paper on National Energy Crisis Prevention and Electricity Development and action plan. “The government has adopted the strategy of increasing public private partnership (PPP) and cooperative investment to meet the targets. We will meet the targets through massive improvement in electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems, and by creating investment friendly environment to bring foreign investment for big and multipurpose projects,” he added.

    He revealed that power purchase agreement (PPA) will be reviewed and new rates for peaking and reservoir-based projects will be set to bring in more domestic investment. PPA rates have been set only for the run of the river projects until now.

    The target of 1500 MW will be achieved, according to the ministry, by completing Upper Tamakoshi (456 MW), Kulekhani III (14 MW), Chameliya (30 MW), Trishuli 3 A (60 MW), and more projects from the private sector. He added that construction of Budhi Gandaki (1200 MW), Tanahu (140 MW), Nalsinghgad (410 MW) and West Seti (750 MW) will also be started during the period.

    Detailed study of Sunkoshi II (1100 MW), Sunkoshi III (530 MW), Andhikhola (180 MW), Uttar Ganga (300 MW), Dudhkoshi (300 MW), Kali Gandaki (660 MW) and Naumure (245 MW) will be completed and master plan prepared within the three years. The 10-year electricity development plan aims to generate 5000 MW. The government has already announced to rid the country of load-shedding from Nepali calendar year 2074 starting mid-April 2017.

    Targets of 13th Plan and Achievements

    Indicators                                     Targets    Achieved               Difference

    Per capita consumption (in units) 140               132.65                  – 7.35

    Installed Capacity (in MW)            1426               829                    – 596

    Transmission Line (in km)               2940           2884                 – 91

    Access of Population (%)                67                  61.97                – 5.03

    Additional Beneficiary Households   3.339m               2.868m      – 471,000

    33 KV Line (in km)              5000              4100                           – 900

    11 KV Line (in km)             27500             29274     1774

    Number of VDCs                      3000               2895      – 105

    Source : The Kathmandu Post