Run-down electrical poles giving Dhading locals a hard time


    Dhalding folks have been living under constant fear of death due to the dilapidated electric poles in the district.

    Sabitra Ghimire of Milantar at Pinda VDC-1 of the district, said she feared that an electricity pole might collapse at any time and invite an untoward incident due to the windy weather.

    Ghimire lamented that their verbal and written complaints to the Nepal Electricity Authority office to repair the old and dilapidated poles had been in vain.

    “The NEA did not heed our frequent requests to repair the poles. The poles are so delicate that a gust of wind or a simple human touch could make them collapse,” Ghimire bemoaned.

    Of the 46 VDCs and one municipality in Dhading, only 47,000 families from 39 VDCs and the municipality have access to electricity.

    The dilapidated poles have terrorised locals as NEA employees shut down electricity supply immediately during lightning and thunder fearing the poles might collapse and cause human casualty.

    According to NEA Dhading Office, the district has 862 steel poles at 33 KV transmission line, 5,800 steel poles at HT 11,000 KV line, 6,400 steel poles at LT(400/220) KV line, and 4,500 wooden poles. Of the 4,500 wooden poles, 4,200 poles are in dilapidated condition, said Dhading Electricity Dispatch Centre Chief Satya Narayan Gami.

    According to Gami, it takes Rs 15,750 in aggregate to install a new pole. “It costs Rs 66 million to replace 4,200 wooden poles with new ones. But, the district receives a budget just enough to replace 150 wooden poles in a year,” Gami added.

    Meanwhile, engineer Arjun Dangol said the process of electrification had been expedited due to increasing demand of power and budget allocation by the authorities. VDC and DDC.

    Source : The Himalayan Times.