COP 28 Declaration: Global Coalition Unites for Climate Financial Revolution


In an unprecedented move, 74 countries and 43 leading international organizations have pledged an ambitious declaration at COP 28, aiming to revolutionize climate financing and adaptation strategies. This historic coalition aims to tackle climate change with renewed vigor and concrete actions that prioritize resilience, equity, and innovation.

Financial Mobilization and Empowerment

The declaration underscores a commitment to substantially scale up financial resources for climate adaptation and resilience-building efforts. Emphasizing the necessity of public and grant-based resources, the coalition seeks to mobilize diverse financing sources, ensuring environmental and social safeguards are paramount.

Streamlined Access and Enhanced Efficiency

A key focus lies in enhancing access to financial resources by improving predictability, flexibility, and speed while reducing transaction costs. Simplified procedures for application, accreditation, and monitoring aim to facilitate efficient disbursement, ensuring timely responses to climate challenges.

Empowering Communities and Prioritizing Local Solutions

The coalition emphasizes local ownership, impact, and results by channeling finances to respond directly to local needs and priorities. Collaboration with affected communities and local partners will be pivotal in implementing effective climate actions.

Leveraging Private Sector and Innovative Financing

Recognizing the potential of the private sector, tailored financial instruments will be employed to mobilize new sources of finance. This approach aims to support national and local responses while fostering sustainable solutions.

Inclusivity and Empowerment

The declaration prioritizes inclusivity by promoting the leadership and empowerment of marginalized groups, including civil society, women, indigenous peoples, youth, and refugees. Their active involvement in policy-making and implementation is seen as essential for the success and sustainability of climate action.

Strengthening Partnerships for Greater Impact

A core aspect of this declaration is strengthening collaboration among various stakeholders—governments, international organizations, financial institutions, civil society, and the private sector. Operational partnerships and synergies will be enhanced to deliver inclusive programs and sustainable solutions for maximum impact.

Commitment to Progress and Future Review

This unprecedented commitment will be continually raised in international forums, with a pledge to reconvene at the 29th UN Climate Change Conference. The coalition aims to review progress and initiate further actions, ensuring continual improvement in climate financing strategies.

This collective declaration signals a turning point in the fight against climate change, showcasing global unity and determination to address the challenges ahead. With an emphasis on collaboration, inclusivity, and innovative financing, this coalition sets a new benchmark for climate action worldwide.