Tomorrow there will be no electricity for 8 hours in these areas


Tomorrow (Saturday) the supply will be stopped in some places of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, the power will be affected from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm as the work is being done to upgrade the Teku substation and charge the Teku-Suchatar 66 KV line to 132 KV.

According to the authority, electricity will be affected in Sanepa Ram Mandir, Gusigal, Advance College, Amravati and Radiant School areas under Bagmati feeder. Similarly, electricity will be affected in Balkhu, Jhamsikhel, Pulchok and Thadodhunga areas under Pulchok feeder. Similarly, the authority said that electricity will be affected in areas such as Jnana Tirtha Marg Kalimati Salik Chowk, Chhauni, Dallu, Bijeshwari, Swayambhu, Balkhu, Khasibazar, Tribhavun University under Kirtipur feeder under Mati feeder.

“Teku Suchatar 66 KV line is being charged at 132 KV. To complete the construction of the first phase of the substation, the existing incomer-1 panel and one of the two power transformers of the Teku substation have to be shut down,” the authority said, “Since the supply is being done from the Teku substation, the electricity service will be affected in the feeders mentioned in various areas.”

The authority has informed that efforts will be made to restore the line by completing the work in those areas before the scheduled time.

Source: Nagarik