Farnek biogas initiative to help Nepal families


    UAE-based Farnek unveiled the latest initiative under its 2015 social engagement and corporate social responsibility strategy, with the installation of its first biogas plants in rural Nepal.

    biogasWorking with its long-term sustainability partner, Myclimate, the Switzerland-based non profit climate protection foundation, the biogas initiative idea was first mooted in September 2014 with Farnek looking at ways to support the families of its multicultural workforce.

    “Over 19% of our employees are Nepalese, and with these isolated rural communities in the country facing ongoing challenges in terms of access to clean, affordable energy, this was a great opportunity for us to contribute towards improving living standards for the families of our team members,” Markus Oberlin, CEO of Farnek said.

    Farnek is also using the initiative as a tangible example of successful sustainability programmes with the aim of getting other UAE-based companies involved in the project, thus extending its reach to more families across Nepal and boosting the carbon offsetting potential.

    The benefits of the Farnek-sponsored biogas units include access to a cleaner and safer source of energy, enabling rural families to produce their own electricity, heat and fertilizer.

    Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in late April 2015, Farnek also put in place a support system for employees who had lost close family members and/or had their homes damaged or destroyed.

    Source : CW