22 MW Sanima Mai earns Rs 3.96 crore; 7 MW cascade is in final stage of Construction


    Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited (SHPC) has posted a net profit of Rs 3.96 crore during the end of the FY 2071/72 whereas it had posted a loss of Rs 1.86 crore in the corresponding quarter of the current fiscal year.

    It has earned Rs 8.13 crore as an income from the sale of electricity and Rs 12.93 lakh as an income from interest.

    Sanimai Mai Hydro has paid up capital of Rs 1.05 arba and has reserve of Rs 1.95 crore. The company has debt of Rs 2.57 arba.

    Its EPS stands at Rs 7.90, net worth per share at Rs 103.76 and cost income ratio at 0.02.

    Mai Khola Hydropower Project 22 MW is evacuating its power through 33 KVA transmission line as temporary arrangement for power evacuation. The alternative temporary arrangement was done on 2071 Falgun 14. Till the end of Ashad 2072, the company has generated the invoice of NPR 8.13 crore. Mai Cascade Hydropower project 7 MW is in its final construction phase.

    Source : ShareSansar