Sahas Urja’s Promoter Share Opens till Baisakh 15


    86 MW Solu Khola Dudhkhosi Hydropower Project which is going to be constructed under the chief investment of Sahas Urja and which is being promoted by Hydro venture Private Limited has signed the PPA with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). Strategically it follows Public Private Cooperative Partnership Model (PPCP) by providing ownership to interested individual and corporation. Sahas urja has successfully completed Upper Hugdi Hydropower Project of 5 MW at Gulmi District.

    An individual can invest a minimum amount of Rs 1 lakhs (1000 shares at NRs 100) whereas for corporation it is a minimum Rs 5 lakhs (5000 shares at NRs 100) and maximum investment can be of Rs 5 crore, as the organization promoters. The first installment which is 60% of the investment needs to be paid till Baishak 15, 2072.

    Source : ShareSansar