Works on Jogmai hydro to finish soon


    Mar 27, 2017- There will be soon be an additional 7.6 MW of electricity in the national grid once construction of the Jogmai Khola Hydroelectricity Project finishes. Sanvi Energy, the developer of the hydropower plant has completed majority of the construction work and is planning to put the plant through testing process within two weeks.

    The developer has already completed the construction of a 1.5 km-long tunnel. Similarly, construction of other infrastructure such as headwork, defender and transmission line has been completed. “Around 99 percent of the job is done and we have a little work to do on pipeline and outlet,” said Hari Babu Neupane, controller of the project. “We will complete it in 15 days and start test transmission before going for the commercial generation.”

    The project will evacuate electricity generated in its powerhouse at Maijogmai to the substation at Godak via a 11 km-long transmission line built by the project that passes through Maghe, Hattitar, Maibeni and Bharabesi.

    “We have completed the construction of the entire transmission line and we will soon start test generation and transmission,” said Neupane. Likewise, the 132 kv transmission line at Kabeli corridor will transmit the electricity from the Godak substation to the national grid.

    The developer started the construction of the project in Jogmai River on November 2014 after constructing an access road that passes through Fikkal. Sanvi Energy spent around Rs 1.5 billion to complete the development of the project.

    Once this hydropower project starts generating electricity, Ilam will have hydropower projects with a total installed capacity of 61 MW. Before Jogmai, other projects like the 29 MW Sanima Hydro, 6.2 MW Puwa Khola, 12 MW Upper Mai Khola, 4.5 Mai Khola, and 3 MW Upper Puwa Khola were generating electricity in the district.

    Soon the installed capacity will reach 80 MW as other hydropower projects in the region are nearing their completion date. The construction of Upper Mai Khola cascade, Puwa Khola and Mai Khola has reached final stage.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post