GMR seeks generation license for Upper Karnali

    Upper Karnali HEP
    Karnali River

    KATHMANDU, May 22: GMR Upper Karnali Hydropower Company Limited, a subsidiary of Indian infrastructure developer GMR, has applied for power generation license for Upper Karnali (900 MW) hydropower project.

    “GMR has applied for the generation license as the validity of its survey license is expiring soon,” a source privy to the development told Republica. “The application for generation license will keep the company in a safe side.”

    The company has submitted application for generation license at the Investment Board Nepal (IBN).

    “The IBN will now lead the company towards project development agreement (PDA) negotiation,” the source further revealed. “Before that, the IBN has asked the company to sign the project negotiations agreement (PNA).”

    According to the source, the IBN has asked GMR to sign PNA as soon as possible so that they could enter in the PDA negotiation process.
    “Officials of GMR have informed us that the company was holding discussion about signing PNA with the authorities concerned,” the source said.
    The government had first granted survey license to GMR for the Upper Karnali in May 2008.

    The Mohan Vaidya led CPN-Maoist has been repeatedly threatening to halt the development of the project that is based in the mid-western region of the country.

    Himtal Hydropower Company, another subsidiary of GMR in Nepal, is involved in the development of Upper Marsyangdi (600 MW) hydropower project.
    “The GMR officials seem proactive at some point,” an official at the IBN engaged in the issues told Republica. “They even make a calculation of what other developers are going through.”

    GMR says 46.85 hectares of private land has to be acquired for the Upper Karnali project.

    Source : Republica