No power cut for household consumers this winter: NEA


    KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has made clear that it does not have any plan of enforcing load-shedding in this winter season.

    Responding to some news reports and people’s concerns in social media posts, the power utility said that it has chalked out plans to make optimum use of energy supply in its grid to ensure uninterrupted power supply to household consumers this winter.

    “Though water flow in rivers recedes in winter season, affecting power generation, we are committed to provide uninterrupted power supply to people,” NEA said in a statement on Thursday.

    NEA, however, has enforced load-shedding of three hours per day for industrial users in order to maintain supply to general customers. It has planned to make optimum use of energy generated by powerhouses as well as energy imported from India to provide uninterrupted power supply to households, according to the statement. NEA has said that it will request the government for more power import from India if energy demand increases further.

    The total energy demand in the country currently stands at 1,264 MW. However, supply in the grid is only 964 MW — 372 MW generated by NEA plants (excluding the Kulekhani project of 92 MW), 220 MW generated by independent power producers, and 372 MW imported from India. NEA is trying to offset the deficit of 300 MW in its system by imposing a three-hour power cut to its industrial consumers on a daily basis.

    As a part of its ‘Ujyalo Nepal’ campaign, the authority has discouraged the use of high power consuming electrical devices like heater, iron, washing machine and water pump in the peak hours i.e. morning and evening. NEA has appealed to all its consumers to act responsibly on use of electricity.

    Source: My Republica