Nepal’s Surge in Electric Vehicle Imports, A Rs 12.73 Billion Journey


1,421 units imported in mid-December alone

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: Nepal imported 5,017 units of electric cars, jeeps and vans worth Rs 12.73 billion from mid-July to mid-December of the current fiscal year.

According to the data published by the Department of Customs (DoC) on Sunday, 5,000 units of EVs (Electric Vehicles) were imported in the six months of the current fiscal year.

The government has collected customs duty of Rs 5.76 billion while importing EVs worth Rs 12.73 billion. According to the DoC, 1,421 units of electric cars, jeeps and vans were imported in mid-December alone.

The import of EVs has exceeded the government’s expectations in recent times. Despite the government providing tax concessions with the anticipation that EV imports would decline, electric vehicles have now become mainstream in the automotive sector.

Most electric vehicles seem to have been imported from China. Many brands like BYD, MG, Seres, Great Wall Motor, NETA have entered Nepal from China. According to the DoC, 3,121 units of EVs were imported from China alone in six months.

Similarly, many EVs have entered Nepal from India as well. A total of 1,922 units of Tata, Citroen and other EVs have been imported from India.

Additionally, 39 units of EVs were imported from Korea, 5 units from Germany, 17 units from Indonesia and 3 units from America.


Source: Republica