Nepal’s first wind energy project in limbo


    Kagbani Wind PowerMYAGDI: Nepal’s first wind energy project constructed in Kagbeni VDC of Mustang district 25 years ago has now turned to be in decrepit condition.
    The wind energy has not been properly used due to sheer ignorance on the part of government, coupled with lack of budget and human resource.

    Though it was a successful project to utilise wind for generating energy, the project is now on the verge of closure.

    Energy generation came to a halt merely after three months of the completion of wind energy project in 2045 BS, said technician Sonam Phuwa Gurung.

    As many as 60 households had been using the electricity generated from the project after its successful test, he added.

    The national transmission line has come to the access of people in the Mustang district except six VDCs in upper Mustang.

    Authorties concerned have not shown any interest to bring the project into operation, which has high potential to reduce energy crisis at local level.

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