Initiative of Nepal Electricity Authority to increase electricity consumption, transmission capacity will be strengthened and immediate power supply will be provided


Kathmandu, 20 September 2021. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has taken initiative to complete the construction of transmission and distribution lines and substation projects as soon as possible to provide the required amount of electricity to the big industries under the plan to increase power consumption. NEA has given high priority to infrastructure expansion to increase electricity consumption.
The NEA has put forward a plan to increase the consumption of the industrialists as they are unable to provide electricity as per the demand due to lack of capacity of transmission and distribution lines and are facing financial loss.

Under the scheme, the industries demanding electricity will be provided electricity immediately by strengthening the transmission and distribution lines and expanding the capacity and the work of the projects under construction will be completed as soon as possible. Under the long term plan, construction of transmission and distribution lines and substations will be started by identifying the possible places where electricity consumption may increase.

After the industrialists complained that they did not get enough electricity, NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising inspected the Hetauda, ​​Simara, Birgunj, Bharatpur, Parasi and Bhairahawa Industrial Corridor on Saturday and Sunday. Transmission line and substation projects are under construction to supply sufficient electricity to the industries operating in the area and opening in the coming days.

Managing Director Ghising has discussed with the project management and the heads of contractors, distribution and customer service centers at the project site about the problems seen in the construction and the solutions. “On the one hand, we are wasting millions of rupees on a daily basis by not being able to consume the electricity produced in the country. On the other hand, we are not able to supply the required amount of electricity to the industries due to lack of infrastructure. We want to end this painful situation,” “After the completion of the projects under construction, if the industries can be supplied with electricity as per their demand, the general consumers will get quality, reliable electricity, reduce leakage, reduce transmission capacity,” he urged. .

Work is underway to add new towers to the Hetauda-Parwanipur 66 kV double circuit transmission line and increase the capacity of the old conductor line to make the power supply of industries in Simara and Birgunj areas reliable. After the completion of this work, additional power supply can be provided in the area. Ghising also discussed the possibility of constructing a new substation in the Piluwa area of ​​Bara from the Hetauda-Dhalkebar 400 kV transmission line under construction and supplying additional feeders from the substation in Amalekhgunj. He has instructed to study and submit a proposal for this.

A 132-33 KV substation is under construction in Sunwal to supply electricity to industries operating in Parasi area of ​​Napalparasi. The construction of the substation is targeted to be completed within the next four months. “Once the substation is operational, an additional 90 MW can be supplied to the power industry and the supply will be reliable,” said Ghising. Demand for electricity is high as industries operating in the area are adding capacity and new industries are opening up.

Construction of Butwal-Lumbini 132 KV transmission line and Mainhiya 132 ÷ 33 ÷ 11 KV substation has reached the final stage to supply electricity to the industries in Bhairahawa Industrial Corridor of Rupandehi. The substation could not be tested as Chinese technicians could not come due to Kovid-19. Once the substation comes into operation, additional 90 power supply will be provided.

Electricity to Hongshi Cement within three months

Hongshi Cement, which has been opened with Chinese investment, will be able to supply electricity within three months. As there will be some delay in the construction of Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV transmission line project being constructed for the industry, alternative arrangements are being made to supply electricity. The power supply to Hongshi Cement is being provided by tapping from the middle section of the Bharatpur-Bardaghat 220 KV transmission line.

Executive Director Ghising has requested to make necessary preparations as the power supply can be provided within three months after discussing with the industry officials.
The line is being constructed as per the announcement of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply to supply electricity to the cement industry. Hongshi Cement is currently generating electricity through diesel due to lack of line.

As the industry is expanding its capacity, Hongshi alone needs about 80 megawatts of electricity. The construction of Bardaghat-Sardi 132 KV transmission line has not been completed due to delay in forest land use and tree felling approval and problems in acquiring private land.