Upper Ingwa Hydroelectric Project completed and connected to the national grid


Ingwa Hydropower Limited (IHL) completed the construction of the 9.7 MW Upper Ingwa Hydroelectric Project and connected it to the national grid on the 10th of Chaitra.

The hydropower project is being constructed at Yangwarak Rural Municipality in Panchthar and Sidhingba Rural Municipality in Taplejung.

The inauguration ceremony took place in Aapdada, Hilihang-1, with the project being connected to the Amarpur substation. Construction began in 2078 and finished in 2080, costing Rs 194 crore.

The project is funded with 30% equity financing, contributed by promoters and the public, while the remaining 70% is financed by Nabil Bank Limited. The project includes a dam in ward no. 2 and a powerhouse in ward no. 3 of Yangwarak village municipality.

Upper Ingwa Hydroelectric Project is a runoff river-type hydropower project situated at Ankhop VDC of Taplejung District of Province No. 1. The installed capacity of the project is 9.7 MW and contract energy is 65.73 GWh. of which 24.9 Wh. (37.88%) is dry energy and  40.83 GWh. (62.12%) is wet energy. The objective of this project is to generate electricity power and sell the energy to the national grid under a power purchase agreement signed between Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the company. NEA is the sole government authority to purchase the power from this project. The power generated from this project shall be evacuated to the National Grid via Amarpur Substation under Mechi Corridor. This project will help reduce load shedding in the Eastern Province-1 of Nepal. This is a Nepali currency denominated PPA project.

The Upper Ingwa Khola Hydroelectric Project is located on the Ingwa Khola, a tributary of the Kabeli river, in Taplejung district of Province 1 of Nepal. The project area lies just downstream of the confluence of the Phalame  Khola and Ingwa Khola . The intake and powerhouse sites lie in the Ankhop VDC at altitudes of 1085m. amsl and 885 m. amsl respectively.   The  powerhouse site lies at elevation 888.70 m and is located about 3.04 km downstream of the dam site.

With a net head of 189 meters, electricity is generated using a 4.5-kilometer-long penstock pipe and European-imported turbines and generators. The electricity is distributed across Nepal via the Arpur-Damak 132 Kb transmission line.