Imported power wasted while east faces loadshedding


    Saarc-gridBIRATNAGAR: Lack of coordination between Nepal Electricity (NEA) Grid and Load Dispatch Centre in Duhabi of Sunsari is causing wastage of imported electricity at a time of power crisis.

    Nepal has failed to avail of 90-megawatt electricity imported from India’s Kataiya powerhouse meant for the east of Koshi. If all of the imported power is supplied, load-shedding could be cut down by four hours in the east.

    At present, industries and households are facing 12 and 10 hours’ power outage respectively in the eastern region. Increasing power cuts are pushing factories and industries to the verge of closure. 

    An NEA source said that there was lack of coordination after Load Dispatch Centre started making load-shedding schedule which was earlier prepared by the Grid. 

    Logbook at NEA shows that imported power was used to its fullest only for two days which was three months ago, and for the last two months the energy is being wasted , Duhabi Grid source said. 

    According to NEA employees, if loadshedding schedule is prepared in coordination, current outage hours could be halved. 

    Industry Organisation Morang Energy Coordinator Rakesh Surana said that all 90-megawatt electricity could be supplied if power distribution was made separating areas that take maximum and minimum load. 

    Duhabi Grid Chief Prakash Narayan Singh, however, refuted the allegation of lack of coordination and said that his office was coordinating with Load Dispatch Centre. 

    “I cannot store electricity. Power supply is in proportionate to load carrying capacity,” Singh added. He said that adjustment of the load pattern could increase power supply and reduce power outage. 

    Source : The Himalayan Times