NEA to track sub-stations and transformers via online system


Kathmandu, July 7

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is gearing up to launch a ‘smart system’ to monitor all its sub-stations, transformers and transmission lines across the country via online.

According to Energy Competence Department under NEA, the power utility is installing the system in all big sub-stations and large transformers across the country.

In the first phase, the NEA plans to install the online system in 325 big transformers located out of the Valley.

Most of the large transformers are in the industrial corridors.

Lila Aryal, information officer at NEA, said the department is currently testing the system in five small sub-stations of Kathmandu Valley as a pilot project. “Once we are assured of its efficacy and reliability, the system will gradually be extended to all sub-stations across the country.”

After the system is installed, the control mechanism will access all the data of the sub-stations including about the load, peak load, off-peak load and voltage. “The ‘automatic power factor controller’ system will enable the authority to access all data of the sub-stations and their functions,” she said, adding that it will in turn make the monitoring system more effective and ensure well-managed and reliable operation.

As per Aryal, after the completion of the testing phase, NEA will instal the online system on big transformers and transmission networks within six months.

The online tracking system will enable NEA to monitor its entire system in real time, according to Aryal.

This is expected to go a long way in curbing illicit behaviours.

Reportedly some sub-station staffers are intentionally obstructing power supply to consumers to fulfil their vested interests.


Source: The Kathmandu Post