Lahmeyer to provide engineering services to 140MW hydropower plant in Nepal


    Tanahun-SetiTanahu Hydropower, a special project company launched by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), has selected Lahmeyer International to support the construction of the proposed 140MW hydro power plant in on the Seti River, about 100km from Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Lahmeyer will be responsible for the engineering services alongside Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) as sub-consultant.

    The company said that the construction contracts will be awarded following completion of initially services which include a review of the tender design and documents by the firms.

    Lahmeyer will support the project for the entire 12-year development period.

    In particular, during the six-year construction phase, Lahmeyer will undertake construction and commissioning work for the project.

    The company will then provide assistance during the operation of the plant over the next five years, by assigning hydropower experts.

    The Tanahu hydropower plant is expected to be the first major storage-type hydropower project in the country upon completion.

    The project includes construction of a hydropower plant with significant water storage facilities, and transmission lines; rural electrification and community development; and a restructuring plan for the national utility, Nepal Electricity Authority.

    The hydropower plant, which is expected to help meet the country’s peak power demand during dry winter, will be operated as a baseload plant during other period.

    Source : EBR