Kerung-Chilime 220 kV Transmission Line Construction Agreement


26 October, Kathmandu. Nepal and China have agreed on the construction of an international transmission line in the northern border area. During Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s visit to China, it was agreed to start construction of Kerung-Rasuwagadhi-Chilime 220 KV international transmission line as soon as possible.

In a joint statement issued on Tuesday morning, it is written, “The construction of Geelong/Kerung-Rasuwagadhi-Chilime 220 kV cross border power transmission line will be started soon.”

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and his Chinese counterpart Li Qiang had a bilateral meeting in Beijing on Monday. After the meeting, various agreements and understandings were reached. But the joint statement was not released that day.

In the joint statement released only on Tuesday morning, it is mentioned that an agreement has been reached to build the Kerung-Rasuwagadhi-Chilime transmission line by further promoting cooperation in the development of hydropower, cross-border transmission lines and related substations, especially in the energy sector. However, its investment is not mentioned.

Although the study started five years ago between the two countries to build the Kerung-Chilime transmission line, no further progress was made.

China is positive for electrification in northern remote villages of Nepal

It is mentioned that China has positively accepted Nepal’s request for electrification in the northern remote villages of Nepal from Sijang Autonomous Region of China.

It is mentioned in the joint statement that the China-Nepal electric energy cooperation plan will be finalized by calling the second meeting of the joint implementation mechanism as soon as possible. Cooperation in the fields of hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen power is also mentioned.

Earlier, during Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s visit to India, an important agreement was reached on the issue of international transmission lines and electricity trade.

Source: OnlineKhabar