In a month, Ambe Steels will receive about 35 MW of power.


Kathmandu, 13 March 2022, The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has agreed to supply 35 MW of electricity to the Ambe Steels industry in Nepalgunj area of ​​Banke within a month. NEA is currently supplying about eight megawatts of electricity to the steels industry.

The industry has demanded additional 27 MW of electricity for capacity expansion. NEA is going to supply 35 MW of electricity to Ambe Steels with an additional 27 MW within a month after completing the construction of all the necessary structures to supply electricity to the industry.

Construction of 33 kV double circuit transmission line from Kohalpur substation has reached the final stage to supply electricity to the industry. The industry has also finalized the construction of substation on its premises and capacity expansion of the factory to get additional power supply.
A team led by NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising visited the site on Saturday and discussed about the electrical infrastructure to be constructed to supply electricity to the industries operating in Nepalgunj and Kolalpur industrial areas and which may open in the coming days.

The team has requested the industry management to complete all the preparatory work within a month by visiting Ambe Steels, which consumes the most electricity in Nepalgunj area, and getting electricity supply within a month.

“We are supplying the required amount of electricity to the industries to increase the power consumption. In order to increase the power consumption in the industrial corridor, new infrastructure has been constructed and the existing structures have been strengthened and upgraded,” said Executive Director Ghising. “Ambe Steels seems to be in the final stages of building its infrastructure for power connections. The power supply can be provided as soon as the industry completes the necessary preparations. We have no problem.”
He said that the process of construction of 132 KV substation has been taken forward as other industries will be opened in the area operated by Ambe Steels and the area is being developed as an industrial corridor. Land acquisition has been started for construction of substation. Concessional loan agreement has been signed with the Asian Development Bank.

Electricity will be supplied to the industries in the coming days through 132 kV substation by constructing four circuit 132 kV line about 10 kilometers from the existing east-west 132 kV transmission line.

“If we could not sell the surplus electricity in India to increase consumption and consume it internally, what would happen if we had to waste around five hundred megawatts of electricity daily in the rainy season?” Therefore, we should focus on increasing power consumption in big industries, ”said Ghising, executive director. “For this, we have planned to build electrical infrastructure for power supply in industrial corridors.”

Kohalpur Distribution Center Chief Suraj Regmi said that work is underway as per the plan to add lines and transformers to double the capacity of the existing distribution system to provide reliable, quality and required electricity to the industrial and domestic customers of Kohalpur area.

NEA is constructing electrical infrastructure with high capacity transmission and distribution lines in Bara-Parsa area, Bhairawa, Sunwal, Parasi and other areas which are likely to become big industrial hubs.