Dana-Kusma transmission line to come into operation by April


March 11, 2020

Kathmandu: The section from Dana to Kusma of Parbat, under the Kaligandaki Corridor 220 kV transmission line, is expected to come into operation by April.

According to the officials of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the construction of the 39-km Dana-Kusma 220 kV transmission line and 220/132 kV substation at Khurkot of Dana and Kusma is in the final phase of completion. The construction work is taking place with an aim of charging the transmission line and substation within April 2020.

Of the 110 towers under the Dana-Kusma section, installation work of only two towers is left. The installation of towers was halted after the locals of Annapurna Rural Municipality of Myagdi had obstructed the project at Pokharibagar but now that they have come into an agreement, the construction has picked up momentum. Equipment in both substations have been installed.

Electricity generated from the 42 MW Mistri River Hydropower Project, that is being built with investments from the private sector will be connected to the transmission line. The electricity will be connected to the Dana substation.

NEA’s managing director, Kulman Ghising and NEA project management directorate chief, Manoj Silwal along with the NEA team had reached the site of the transmission line, substation and hydropower project, to monitor the progress of the project.

The team in a discussion with the project management and contract company, Tata Project Limited, has directed the completion of the project by April by solving problems and holding discussions regarding the date of substation and line charge. “The electricity generated from the Mistri river will go into waste if we cannot immediately charge line and substation, every party involved should be serious and complete the project on time. If the situation arises and penalty is charged, the contractor company should take responsibility and pay it,” he said, “We will provide sites wherever there are obstructions.” The contractor company has shown the determination to charge the transmission line and substation within the deadline.

Stating that there are some works regarding installation of equipment, structure and dry and wet test of the equipment, he said that, it will take at least two months for line and substation to come into operation. “As the infrastructure of the transmission line is ready, projects that have signed electricity trade agreement and will connect their power to the line need to start the construction of the project,” Ghising said.

The construction of the Kaligandaki Corridor transmission line was started with investments from Nepal government, NEA and concessional loan from the Asian Development Bank to evacuate electricity generated from hydropower projects that will be built in the Kaligandaki river basin.


Source: My Republica