Telephone Services Reach 13 Villages After Electrification in Jumla


After the electrification in Jumla, regular telephone services are now operational in 13 villages of Jumla. Telephone services were not regular in 13 villages, including Tatopani and Chandannath municipalities in the district.

It had been four years since the installation of telephone towers. However, after facing issues with solar batteries, the network had stopped functioning from 6 in the evening to 7 in the morning on a daily basis.

Amar Rokaya, Ward President of Tatopani-4, said that even though the area is near the headquarters, it feels painful to be deprived of telephone service. Telecom has built a tower at a place called Tatopani 4 Hankuko lagna.

Ward Chairman Rokaya says, “There used to be interruptions in telephone services during cloudy weather, but now, even though the telephone tower is connected to the electric line, it has become more reliable.

According to him, after the electrification, the areas of Niapani, Gidikhola, Pertheni, Pandebada and Chandannath Municipality’s Jatibhid, Umkhola, Syalbada, Rokayawada, Talium, Umgadh, Sridhushka, Khalla, Silam villages of Tatopani 4 have got telephone service easily.

A memorandum was being submitted to the government in addition to the delegation to Nepal Telecom Jumla, district administration office Jumla from the local people’s representatives, consumers for a sustainable solution to the network problem.

Tatopani rural municipality-4 spent 6 lakh rupees from the budget heading to the ward in the last financial year and 9 lakh 96 thousand 425 rupees from the Nepal Telecom Provincial Directorate Surkhet, and a total of 15 lakh 96 thousand 425 rupees 66 rupees, electricity was installed to the telephone tower.

In Tatopani-4, the Jalpadevi Rural Electric Cooperative, produced by Jumla, has implemented the electrification project in Niapani village, featuring 15 kilowatt transformers, 21 electricity poles, three-phase lines, and mobile towers, enabling the provision of regular telephone services.

Since December 28th of the past year, Ward Chairman Rokaya has informed that even though there were some issues, now the problem of tower disruption has been extensively resolved. He stated, “Now, during load-shedding hours, the mobile network separation problem has been significantly addressed.”

Source: Kantipur