Himal Power offers free energy

    Khimti HEP - Powerhouse
    Powerhouse The underground (6500 cubic metre) powerhouse of the Khimti I Hydropower Plant in Kirne Dolakha

    KATHMANDU, Sept 10 : Himal Power Ltd (HPL) has said that Khimti Power plant will run at maximum capacity for the entire wet season to help cope with the acute power shortage.

    According to a statement issued by the company, chairperson of the company Tima Iyer Utne made the announcement amid a program recently organized by HPL.

    The power plant will generate an estimated excess of more than 8 GWh of free wet season energy this year.

    “This free power will come in addition with the approximately 87 GWh of free power that Himal Power has been contributing to the national grid. This is a significant increase in the amount of free energy normally provided,” reads the statement.

    Source : Republica