Extended daily power outage by two more hours without informing the publi



    KATHMANDU: The Load Dispatch Centre of the Nepal Electricity Authority has extended daily power outage by two more hours without informing the public. NEA sources said top officials at the power monopoly had asked the centre to add one more hour to the current 69-hour weekly outage, two weeks ago. Sources said the government chose not to inform the public about the additional load-shedding hours on top of a December 8 load-shedding schedule fearing a backlash. The power outage was increased to 69 hours per week from 49 hours on December 8. Some argue that the government did not want to inform about the power cut hoping the import of 40 MW from India will begin on January 1. Many consumers said they faced difficulties as the NEA extended the outage by one more hour in the week hours.Meanwhile, other sources said machine number 2 (30 MW) of Kulekhani I broke down and technicians have assessed wire short, which would take a few days to repair. However, they said it had not affected the power load as negligible power was generated from the storage project in view of dry months ahead. The water level is at 1529.91 metres at Kulekhani and only 9 cm below the highest point. Kulekhani I is generating only 10 MW, officials said. However, chief at the LDC, Bhuwan Chhetri, denied enforcing a new power outage regime. Repeated attempts to contact the General Manager of the NEA’s Generation Division, Mahendra Lal Shrestha, failed.

    Source : The Himalayan Times