Binod Chaudhary accuses govt of negligence in importing power


    BIRATNAGAR: Chairman of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI), Binod Chaudhary has accused the government of not being able to bring 30 MW of electricity from India at a time of energy crisis due to negligence.

    He said time has come for closing industries by industrialists due to lack of agreement by the government with Power Trading Company (PTC) of India.

    At a press meet organized by the Koshi chapter of the organisation; he said no hearing was made even if Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) was requested for extending transmission lines towards Nepal to bring electricity up to Indian border on their own initiative.

    If 30 MW of power is purchased, it will cost only Rs. 9.50 per unit and it will save diesel of grant and reduce some household load shedding, he said.

    He said the leaders of political parties were negligent in the situation that no 25 MW electricity will be added in Nepal from the past five years to next five years at a time of grave crisis.

    Chairman of the Chapter, Basudev Golyan urged the political parties to build environment for import of 30 MW power from India will be cheaper than establishing a diesel plant.

    Source : RSS