114 million units of energy lost in transmission in Mechi, Koshi


    total-losses-power-distribution-transmission-linesBIRATNAGAR, Jan 6: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) lost 114 million units of electricity through technical leakage and theft in Mechi and Koshi zones in fiscal year 2013/14.According to the NEA´s regional office in Biratnagar, the two zones lost a total of 114.5 million units due to leakage and theft in the last fiscal year. The leakage accounts for 17.82 percent of the total electricity supplied in these zones. These two zones had received 642.75 million units of electricity in the last fiscal year, according to Bibhutinath Mishra, chief of NEA´s Biratnagar Office.

    The loss in review year, however, was lower by 1 percentage point compared to figures of 2012/13.

    In 2012/13, Mechi and Koshi zones had lost 18.78 percent of total energy supplied due to theft and leakage. During the year, NEA had supplied 574.57 million units in Mechi and Koshi zones. However, it could sell only 466.9 million units due to theft and leakage.

    Mishra said NEA has been losing revenue mainly due to technical leakage. Around 12-13 percent of total leakage is due to technical reasons, Mishra said, adding that such leakage at national level stands at around 24 percent.

    “Compared to other zones in the country, loss due to technical leakage is low in Mechi and Koshi zones,” claimed Mishra.

    Though NEA has been making various efforts to control loss of energy due to leakage and theft, its efforts have yet to pay dividend. The regional office had tested meters in various districts under it in the last fiscal year. During such tests, even large-scale industries were found involved in meter tempering.

    A source at the regional office said meter test showed even large-scale industries were found stealing energy.

    Officials of NEA´s regional office in Biratnagar told Republica that they have intensified a campaign to control energy theft. “Such campaigns have already been started in Sunsari and Jhapa,” Mishra said.

    Another NEA official Nawarj Subedi said similar campaign will be organized in Morang soon.

    According to NEA technicians, cases of meter tempering are high in urban areas. In rural areas, people steal energy by tapping power lines.

    Considering growing energy loss, Mishra said NEA was holding a national level consultation meeting in Kathmandu next month. “The meeting will come up with a solution to this perennial problem,” he added.

    Source : Republica