Upper Rahughat Hydropower Construction Begins


14 Dec, 2020

Myagdi: The 48-MW Upper Rahughat hydropower project is being constructed in Raghuganga rural municipality of Myagdi district.

Tundi Power Limited is developing the project in the Rahughat River. Its dam will be placed in Raghuganga-8 Bandighat and power house be based in ward-7, Chimkhola. Company’s engineer Prakash Timilsina shared that the project construction would be completed within three years.

“Ramechhap Sherpa Construction which was awarded a contract for dam construction and South Asian Infrastructure which was awarded a contract for tunnel construction have completed the first phase of their works”, he said.

The construction of linking road from Mauwakot-Darigram-Darmeeja-Chimkhola to dam construction site has come to a final stage. The project having five kilometer of tunnel will generate electricity by descending water some 150 metres into the power house.

Nepal Army’s camp is to be constructed in Raghuganga-7 Chimkhola for storing explosives required for the construction and safety purpose. Indra Dhakal of the project said the infrastructures including the Nepal Army camp have been developed in the project site.

He further shared that the construction of dam, tunnel and power-house is gaining momentum at the same time. The 220-KV power to be generated from Upper Rahughat will be connected to the central grid system through Dana-Khurkot transmission line.

Raghuganga rural municipality chair Bhawa Bahadur Bhandari had laid foundation stone for the construction of dam on Sunday.

“We have facilitated in the construction of approved hydropower projects in Upper Rahughat, Rahughat and other auxiliary rivers”, he added.

Some 17 hydropower projects of 662 megawatt are under construction in Myagdi district.

Source: The Risingnepal Daily