Udhyami Bhetghat – Energy


    Biruwa Ventures and King’s College are organizing Udhyami Bhetghat – Energy. 

    About Udhyami Bhetghat:

    Udhyami Bhetghat is a networking program for entrepreneurs organized by Kings College and Biruwa Ventures.

    Sector: Energy

    Date: 20 August 2014; 5 PM onwards (5-7pm)

    Venue: King’s College premises

    For whom and benefits:

    The goal of Udhyami Bhetghat is to help entrepreneurs expand their professional network, facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Nepali entrepreneurial community by bringing together entrepreneurs that are at various stages in their venture and key resource individuals of the sector to a common, interactive platform.

    This is a paid event that hopes to attract entrepreneurs who value the benefits of such interactive platforms. The format of the event will include a quick round of introductions at the beginning of the event followed by 4-5 minute long talk on a specific topic by the Featured Guests that we invite. These Featured Guests are usually policymakers, investors, exemplary entrepreneur from the sector or an expert. The idea is to add a learning component for the attendees that they can value and benefit from.