Transformer explosion up by three-fold in Lalitpur


    Jan 13, 2016- The number of transformer explosion in Lalitpur increased by almost three-fold last month compared to the previous one, Nepal Electricity Authority said.

    More than 30 transformers exploded because of power overload last month; only 11 explosions were reported in the month prior.
    Officials at the NEA Lagankhel office said besides transformer exploding, there were more than 500 fuse-related and 192 conductor-related problems in transformers.
    “We received 2,013 complaints concerning power outage in one month alone. Certainly, our staff are going through hard times identifying and fixing whatever problem there is,” said Jang Bahadur Chand, the NEA office chief.
    He added a large number of transformers have thoroughly fried up, but the NEA does not have the new ones to replace them.
    The situation has been exacerbated as NEA, Lalitpur, does not have enough manpower to fix the problems.
    Chand said they have only four units (no-light teams) at Lubu, Chapagaun, Lagankhel and Badagaun, to deal with the power outage complaints for entire Lalitpur district.
    “We need at least 15 no-light offices to be able to fix the problems in time,” Chand said.
    Lagankhel, Balkhu, Arunima Basti, Tibetan Camp, Imadol, Kharibot, Kusunti and Satdobato areas are having the most power outage  problems.

    Source : eKantipur