Thapa Khola HEP


Mount Kailash energy co. pvt ltd has started the construction of Thapa Khola hydro electric project at Tukuche village of Mustang District in western development region of Nepal. Thapa Khola Hydropower Project is a run of river type project with an installed capacity of 11,200 kW. The general layout of the proposed project comprises of a diversion weir with a gated undersluice, side intake, Gravel trap, Settling basin, Headpond ,Headrace pipe, Tunnel, Surge tank, Surface penstock and a Surface powerhouse located on right bank of Thapa Khola in Tukuche village of Mustang District. The side intake diverts water through the approach canal to the surface settling basin, where silt particles up to 0.2 mm are settled down and flushed out. The headrace pipe and a short tunnel conveys water to the surge tank, and finally to the powerhouse through surface penstock. The powerhouse accommodates two units of generating equipment. The tailrace canal finally releases water back to the Thapa khola.

Tukuche bazaar is the nearest settlement to the project area which is connected to the Beni-Mustang road. The project area is about 355 km from Kathmandu including 287 km black topped road up to Beni in Myangdi district and 68 km earthen road from Beni to the project area in Mustang district.

Main features of power plant:

•Diversion weir with concrete cutoff and one sluice bay.

•Surface settling basin.

•983 long headrace pipe of 1.4 m in diameter.

•Inverted D shaped headrace tunnel of 2.0 m in diameter and 809 m long.

•Surface surge tank.

•504 m long 1.25 m diameter mild steel penstock.

•Surface powerhouse of 27.2 m X 14.5 m and 14.7 m.

•18 m long RCC box culvert tailrace