Power-cut won’t exceed 4-hr if no interference: NEA



    arjun kumar karkiActing Executive Director at Nepal Electricity Authority ( NEA ) Arjun Kumar Karki has claimed that he would not let the power-cut hours exceed four hours a day within two years if the NEA was kept free of interference. He insisted that the NEA should be allowed to work independently at its own pace.

    Talking to a delegation of 13 student unions, who went to submit a memorandum demanding cut in load shedding on Sunday, Director Karki expressed his confidence that the under-construction hydropower projects would be completed with in given time if there would be no interference.

     The memorandum submitted by student unions has demanded the NEA cut in power outage hours, no load shedding during SLC exams, curve the power facility provided to the VIPs, cut back the special power supply facility provided to the industries.

    Karki said the demand for lifting load shedding during SLC exams can be considered and assured to inform the Cabinet about the power facility provided to the residence of VIPs.

    “I have no authority to cut power facility provided to the VIPs,” said spokesperson of Nepali Students Union, UP Lamichhane, “I will inform the Cabinet about this.”

    The NEA director also expressed his commitment to take action in case any industry was found to have been provided with power over 10 hours a day.

    The agitating students demanded the NEA end the policy to make the VIP residential area a load shedding free zone, cut power supply facility provided to the NEA staff and end the rampant misuse of power in government.

    Source : EKantipur