Indian Green Energy Giant Eyes Nepal’s Green Hydrogen Market: $2 Trillion Investment Proposed


Kathmandu. India’s Greenzo Energy India Limited has shown interest in investing in Nepal’s green hydrogen production campaign. Sandeep Agarwal, founder and managing director of Greenzo Energy India, met with the Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Shakti Basnet and proposed to invest in green hydrogen in Nepal.

Agarwal promised that his company is willing to invest in Nepal if the Nepalese government makes the necessary arrangements. In response, Minister Basnet said that he will take the initiative to make the necessary policy for green hydrogen and form a study committee to collaborate with Greenzo Energy India in building a pilot project.

During the meeting, Basnet discussed the potential benefits of green hydrogen for Nepal’s energy grid and asked Agarwal about the production of electrolyzer machines for hydrogen production in Gujarat, India.

Basnet learned about how integrating green hydrogen with fuel cell technology can improve grid stability and power transmission system quality. In the meeting, Agarwal said that green hydrogen can be established as the third major energy source in Nepal.

He said that Greenzo Energy India is ready to invest 2 trillion rupees to produce green hydrogen in Nepal. He said that energy can be produced and used from green hydrogen to maintain the condition of the transmission grid at times when solar power is not available and when grid demand is at its peak and at night.

Agarwal also made it clear to Minister Basnet that he is ready to bring investment as soon as there is clarity in the hydrogen hydrogen policy and its purchase and sale policy.