PDA negotiation with Arun-III promoter tomorrow


    PDA+PTANov 3: The negotiation between Investment Board of Nepal and Sutlej Electricity Corporation, promoter of Arun III Hydropower Project, is set to begin from Tuesday.

    The representatives of the hydropower promoter Indian Corporation have arrived in Kathmandu for negotiation.

    The negotiation will take place at the Board´s office in Baneswor. Nepal will get 21.90 per cent electricity free of cost from the 900-MW project while there is so far no agreement on division of shares of the hydel project.

    Board Chief Executive Officer Radhesh Pant will lead Nepali side comprising representatives of Ministry of Finance and Energy while senior officials on behalf of promoter are taking part in the meeting, said Board´s External Affairs Section Chief Ghanashaym Ojha.

    Preparations are being made to sign the Project Development Agreement with the promoter of the project in course of the 18th SAARC Summit.

    The project is estimated to be constructed at the tentative cost of Rs 150 billion. RSS