Kohalpur-Surkhet power line to be upgraded


    trlSURKHET, NOV 04 – The government has decided to boost the capacity of the Kohalpur-Surkhet transmission line to 132 kVA from the existing 33 kVA in a bid to address the shortage of power lines.

    The upgrading of the 26-year-old Kohalpur-Surkhet transmission line has started under a three-year plan. The government plans to construct a sub-station at Latikoili-1, Surkhet by acquiring land in the first phase.

    Project chief Shree Ram Pokhrel said the government had allocated Rs 80 million for the first phase of the construction project. “The project’s completion period will depend on the budget allocated by the government.”

    The government-funded project is expected to supply electricity to the local people in nine districts of the Mid-Western Region. Transmission towers will replace the existing puncture master poles of the power line.

    The 33 kVA transmission line was constructed in Birendranagar after Ratna Highway was built 26 years ago setting the stage for economic development in the region. The increased capacity is expected to reduce interruptions in electricity supply caused by low capacity and wind.

    The government has estimated an outlay of Rs 1 billion for the 50-km-long transmission line extending from Kohalpur to Surkhet.

    Out of the two proposed locations for building a sub-station—one at the Jhupra powerhouse owned by the Nepal Electricity Authority and the other at Latikoili VDC—the project has selected the second site.

    After the transmission line is completed, it will ease electricity supply from Surkhet through districts like Dailekh, Salyan, Jajarkot, Rukum, Kalikot, Jumla, Mugu, Humla, Achham and Bajura.

    Source : eKantipur