PAC to seek experts’ opinion on Solu Corridor

    The Public Accounts Committee of legislature-parliament has formed a team of experts to conduct needful study of the procurement process of Solu Corridor Transmission Line Project and recommend the eligible contractor to develop the project.

    The team has also been asked to point out if there is any flaw in the procurement decision.

    The house panel decided to form the team of experts after it failed to pick the eligible contractor from amongst the two top-ranked contractors. The team, which is led by the secretary of Public Procurement Monitoring Office, has Energy Secretary and some experts of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), who were not involved in the procurement decisions, as members.

    Lawmaker Ram Hari Khatiwada told Republica that the team will clear confusions surrounding the procurement decision. “We will come up with a decision within four days,” he added.

    NEA’s decision to pick the second lowest bidder – Mohan Energy Corporation – to develop the project, eight months ago, had landed in controversy. The fresh controversy came after NEA again decided to pick Mohan Energy.

    Lawmakers are questioning why Jaguar Overseas and BS Ltd was not selected even though it had bid Rs 270 million less than Mohan Energy.

    Source : Republica