No additional load-shedding hours in Bhaktapur


    BHAKTAPUR: A tripartite negotiation held at District Administration Office on Monday to stop agitation that began in Bhaktapur against the power outage of more than three hours than the schedule ended with consensus.

    A seven-point deal was struck at the talks between Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and political parties’ representatives under the premiership of Chief District Officer Ek Mani Nepal on Monday afternoon after the struggle launched by Bhaktapur local folks took a nasty turn.

    The agreeing points include initiating all-side attempt to check electricity leakage, requesting the NEA to remove additional three hours of power outage in Bhaktapur, monitoring whether electricity leakage control drive is in place or not, taking action against staff encouraging for leakage, among others, said Assistant CDO Bhojraj Bhattarai.

    Besides, the tripartite talks reached to an agreement to not enforce additional hours of load-shedding in the district and resolve problem of power leakage within a month, said District Chairperson of Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Surendra Pratap Shah.

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