NEA projects power cut to 17 hrs daily


    Ministry of EnergyKATHMANDU: The load shedding hours will reach to 17 hours daily this year even if 70 megawatts of electricity is imported from India.
    According to the latest projection of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), the power outrage hours will reach to 17 hours.
    The load shedding hours are up owing to decrease in water levels in the rivers and surge of demands.

    Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has been saying that the country will not face more than 12 hours of power cuts a day this year. The Ministry of Energy submitted the ambitious Load Shedding Reduction Action Plan to the Cabinet on October 2012. The plan is aimed at reducing load-shedding to 10 hours a day from the predicted 21 hours.

    The government is planning to import 70 megawatts of electricity this year. “ If electricity is not imported from India , the load shedding hours is likely to increase to 21 hours daily,” said one of the employee at the NEA.

    According to Bhuwan Chettri , Chief at Load Dispatch Centre, load shedding hours can be limited to 16 hours if electricity is imported from India.

    Source : Various