NFTA Protests NEA’s Decision to Halt Industry Power Supply


KATHMANDU, Dec 24: The Nepal Foreign Trade Association (NFTA) has protested against the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) for disconnecting the power lines of industries that have not paid the electricity tariffs for electricity supply from the dedicated feeders and trunk lines.

According to the NFTA, the NEA increased the electricity tariffs by up to 67 percent in the bills sent to entrepreneurs who had not applied for power supply from dedicated feeders and trunk lines after the cessation of load shedding in the country.

The NFTA said that it was unfortunate that the line was disconnected because the NEA could not provide evidence of electricity consumption. The NFTA said that this will cause a detrimental impact to the economy that is already grappling with the recession and the industry and business that are facing difficult conditions may experience further setbacks and the morale of entrepreneurs will be affected.

The NFTA has requested NEA to address this issue as soon as possible in a win-win manner for both parties, to immediately resume the power supply to the industries whose electricity supply has been disconnected and not to stop the supply to additional industries for the same reason.


Source: Republica