Nepal Takes a Step Towards Sustainable Transportation with Diesel Reduction Kit Testing


KATHMANDU, Nov 16: The hydrogen generator kit imported from China that reduces diesel consumption has been tested in Nepal for the first time by installing it on two vehicles.

A group of investors producing Nepal Eco Panel has started testing it on two vehicles.

Testing has been started by installing on two vehicles of the company to check its quality in terms of diesel consumption as claimed by China. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nepal Eco Panel, Engineer Krishna Bhakta Duwal, said that the company has started testing by installing it on two vehicles of the company.

“We have just imported it from China yesterday, and we have started testing it,” said Engineer Duval, “If it becomes successful, we have worked with the plan to install it in a large quantity.”  According to him, it has four main features. It works to help reduce diesel consumption by 20 percent, reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent, and help reduce pollution. It increases the life of the vehicle’s engine by reducing carbon deposition, i.e. increasing the power of the vehicle by 25 percent.

Engineer Duwal added, “We have started testing to confirm its characteristics .” He said that after the successful testing, there is a plan to import it into Nepal and start its sales and distribution. He believes that the use of this kit will benefit the vehicle users. He mentioned that it will be easier for the country to control global pollution by having to consume less amount of diesel and environmental pollution will be reduced.

Subodh Tripathi, the owner of Nepal Eco Panel, expressed the possibility that if the consumption of diesel can be reduced, it will have a positive impact on the country’s economy.  “As an excavator that operates for eight hours a day is now consuming 10 liters of diesel per day, using this kit only eight liters of diesel will be used,” he said.

According to the data of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), the import of diesel, which is completely dependent on India, is increasing every year. According to the data, 1.6 million kiloliters of diesel was imported in the fiscal year 2017/18 at a cost of Rs 96.73 billion. Five years after that, in the last fiscal year 2021/22, there is data that Nepal has paid Rs 168.23 billion to India only for the purchase of diesel, with a consumption of 1.7 million kiloliters in one year. A joint team of researchers has successfully researched and now this kit has been successfully used in China as well as in other countries. Keeping this fact in mind, trial use has also been started in Nepal for the first time.

Source: Republica