12 hydropower projects under construction in Trishuli basin


    Upon completion, they will generate 1,500 MW of electricity

    RASUWA, Oct 18: Altogether 12 hydropower projects are under construction in the Trishuli river system.

    According to the Department of Electricity Development (DoED), some projects are under construction while others about the being construction after acquiring generation license. Upon completion, these projects, which are based in Rasuwa and Nuwakot districts, will generate a total of 1,500 MW.

    Four projects — Chilime Hydropower, Trishuli Hydropower, Devighat and Mailungkhola — have already started power generation. Syafru-based Chilime Hydrpower produces 21 MW of electricity. Likewise, Mailungkhola of Dandagaun generates 5 MW, while Trishuli and Devighat projects are generating 18 MW and 14 MW, respectively.

    Upon completion, projects on Trishuli River will generate 827 MW, while those on Bhotekoshi will produce 324 MW.Trishuli

    “Nuwakot and Rasuwa districts are attracting huge investment in hydropower sector lately,” Sharan Utsuk Sapkota, former president of Nuwakot Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said. “The government should create environment conducive to bring more investment into the sector.”

    Sapkota also said focus should be given on timely completion of under-construction of projects to eliminate energy crisis in the country.

    Trishuli 3A (60 MW) is under construction with consessional loan from Exim Bank of China. Similarly, a South Korean company is developing Upper Trishuli I (216 MW) and Hydro China Corporation is building Upper Trishuli II (102 MW). Other projects that are under construction are — Upper Mailung (10 MW), Upper Trishuli 3A (60 MW), Trishuli B (42 MW), Mid-Trishuli Ganga (65 MW) and Galchi Hydropower (75 MW).

    Works on about a dozen projects, including Rasuwagadhi (111 MW), Upper Trishuli 3A, Lower Sanjen (42.5 MW) and Upper Sanjen (14. 8 MW), are currently underway.

    Rasuwagadhi project has expedited construction works after completing the construction of test tunnel. “Construction works are going full steam. We plan to start generation within three years,” Madhav Koirala, managing director of Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Project, told Republica.

    Trishuli Rives has been considered an important river electricity generation following the success of privately-owned Chilime Hydropower. Before that, there were two projects in the district — Trishuli and Debighat — developed by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

    A total of 55 hydropower projects have acquired license in Rasuwa and Nuwakot districts. Around two dozen projects are under construction.