Nepal Electricity Authority proposes to set up an isolation center at Kharipati Training Center


May 06, 2021

Kathmandu: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has proposed to the government to build an isolation center for the treatment of those infected with COVID-19 at the training center at Kharipati in Bhaktapur.

Last year, the government repatriated Nepalis from China’s Hubei province who had contracted the corona virus and quarantined the NEA’s training center in Kharipati for 14 days.

NEA Executive Director Hitendra Dev Shakya said that a proposal has been made to the government through the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation for the construction of the isolation center as the infrastructure of the training center can be used when the country needs it.

According to Shakya, it is proposed to use the body designated by the COVID-19 Crisis Management Operations Center as the infrastructure isolation of the training center, giving priority to keeping NEA employees infected.

“There are 133 beds in the 66 rooms in the buildings within the training center premises. There are also beds made last year. It is enough to put 50 more beds in it and procure the necessary materials like blankets and sheets,” he added. “CCTV has also been installed in the training center. Cylinders can be placed in the rooms if the patient needs oxygen. A diesel generator is in operation for emergency power supply.”

The training center has 26 rooms in building No. 1 where 24 beds can be kept. Building No. 2 has 26 rooms, which can accommodate 78 beds. The staff quarters building has 11 rooms and can accommodate 28 beds. Similarly, 3 beds can be placed in 3 rooms of the quarter building.

Continuous electricity to the oxygen industry

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has made arrangements for continuous supply of electricity to the industries producing oxygen. Executive Director Shakya said that all the oxygen industries have been informed to inform the public relations officer or the nearest branch of NEA immediately. He said, “We have also instructed the power distribution centers to make necessary arrangements for non-supply of electricity to the oxygen industry. The centers have already made arrangements for continuous supply of electricity to the oxygen industries under them.”