TIA faces electricity shortage


January 11, 2020

Kathmandu: Only 10 days after year-long Visit Nepal 2020 campaign was launched, it has come to light that the country’s sole international airport is facing power shortage.

The management of Tribhuvan International Airport published a notice today, urging all the stakeholders to make sure that power being supplied to the airport was utilised in an optimum manner during the winter season.

According to the notice, excessive power consumption at TIA for trivial purposes is directly affecting TIA’s communication, navigational aids and surveillance equipment needed for flight operation.

“It is to notify all offices, government bodies and shops at the airport to reduce daily power consumption. TIA management also requests stakeholders not to use heaters and air-conditioners unnecessarily. Flight operational equipment at the airport are being affected due to power shortage at the airport. TIA urges all to cooperate to save power at the airport,” the notice reads.

The notice requests security agencies, immigration office, customs office, airline companies, different operators of shops and other stakeholders to reduce power consumption by reducing the use of heaters and air-conditioners that consume too much electricity.

The government has invested Rs 240 million to upgrade TIA to a boutique airport as part of VN 2020 campaign. Lack of adequate electricity supply at TIA may affect the campaign that aims to double the annual tourist arrivals.

However, Devendra KC, general manager of the airport, said, “Power shortage is due to increased electricity consumption across the country. The notice has been issued to make the agencies concerned inside TIA aware of the need to conserve electricity,” he said. He added that power shortage had not yet affected regular flights at the airport.


Source: The Himalayan Post