NEA told to conduct two studies


 June 18, 2020

Kathmandu: Nepal Electricity Regulatory Commission has directed the Nepal Electricity Authority to study and submit a report on the provision of meter or sub-meter for tenants.

While unveiling the new tariff rate today, the commission also directed the NEA to make arrangements for ensuring that tenants are only charged the average tariff for the units consumed by them.

It has already been decided to give 25 per cent discount on energy charges when consumption is up to 150 units per month and 15 per cent discount on energy charges when consumption is up to 250 units per month. Landlords will also have to charge their tenants according to the average tariff rate after the exemption.

The commission has also directed NEA to study the feasibility of implementing ToD (Time of Day) system for households. If the tariff rate as per ToD is implemented in the domestic sector as well, it will provide additional relief to customers, adds NERC.

According to the ToD, the tariff for electricity consumed during peak hours is slightly higher, while the rate for off-peak hours is lower. The commission is confident that this will encourage consumers to increase power consumption during off-peak hours.

Industrial consumers have already implemented the ToD system. The commission has asked NEA to submit the findings of both studies before applying for the next tariff revision.


Source: My Republica