NEA Inking Performance Deal With Distribution Chiefs To Control Leakage


Kathmandu, Feb. 3: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has started signing performance agreements with the heads of distribution and customer service centres focusing on electricity leakage control and service delivery improvement.
The top management of NEA on Monday signed performance agreements with the heads of 23 distribution centres under the provincial office of Province-2, Janakpur.
Manoj Kumar Singh, head of the regional office, signed the performance agreement with Hitendra Dev Shakya, Acting Managing Director of NEA.
Meanwhile, the chiefs of distribution centres have signed an agreement with Harraj Neupane, Deputy Executive Director of the Directorate of Distribution and Customer Service of NEA.
In the performance agreement, control of electricity leakage has been given high priority giving it 50 points.
Arrangement has been made to reward or punish the chief of distribution centres by objectively evaluating the performance indicators.
The NEA has set a target of reducing the leakage of electricity to 8.5 per cent in the current fiscal year. Last year, the leakage towards distribution was 10.28 per cent.
The target has been set to reduce the leakage of electricity from 15.6 per cent in the last fiscal year to 12.08 per cent in the current fiscal year of the distribution centres under the Provincial Office Janakpur.
The leakage till November is 16.6 per cent. The heads of each distribution centre under the office have been given separate targets for leakage control, said NEA.
The Janakpur Provincial Office collects 31.23 per cent of the revenue from the sale of electricity.
On the occasion, Shakya instructed the office heads to focus on power leakage control, revenue collection, electrification, improving service delivery with customers and meeting the given targets.
The NEA has stated that the performance will be evaluated every four months.
There is a provision to provide a certain amount of cash incentive to the head of each distribution centre if he/she achieves at least 50 per cent progress of the target given for leakage control and recovery of arrears.