Chief Secy Poudel says he won’t quit


    Chief Secretary Lila Mani PoudelKATHMANDU, MAR 20 –

    Chief Secretary Leela Mani Poudel has said that he will not resign from the post.

    There was a rumor that Poudel would step down after the Cabinet gets full shape.

    “These all are just rumors, I have no differences with this government,” he told ekantipur, “I have never made up my mind to resign .”

    Earlier, there was a rumor that Chief Secretary Poudel was dissatisfied over the appointment of Umakant Jha as energy minister and that he would resign over the same.

    However, he is due to step down only from the post of Chairman of management committee of the Nepal Electricity Authority ( NEA ).

    “I don’t have time and have no expertise in NEA, so I will have to keep myself busy in Constituent Assembly election,” Poudel said.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post